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Touch Points That Matter®

Founded in 2005, Audience Innovation serves high-impact sales and marketing objectives to drive reliable ROI.

Our innovative targeting spans effective results across many B2B & B2C categories, for which we’ve developed a reputation for precision delivery and valued ROI sales performance. Clients and agencies who engage Audience Innovation, stay with Audience Innovation.

Audience Innovation is a database marketing expert, providing adept delivery of highly-valued touch point solutions, and working with a client’s CRM and/or proven data providers for targeting precision, and delivery.

Launched by Paul Kostial, President & CEO, Audience Innovation has long developed a reputation of excellence since our inception years ago.

Kostial was formerly with Time Inc. for 17 years, as VP Sales at Targeted Media, their former coverwrap division, and working with brands and clients. Prior to Time Inc., Paul was a planning director at well-known agencies including: Campbell-Ewald (DTW), Lintas (NYC), Bloom, Bozell, and Temerlin (DFW).

Our clients include many Fortune 500® companies, as well as smaller and mid-sized clients who we’ve developed adept tactics for critical targets.

We’re all about flexibility, and pride ourselves on our 400+ publishing partners, as well as the most advanced, and flexible options, including first-to-launch variable printing, embedded video, interactive tagging, online retargeting.

We’re well known for ‘surgical’ delivery and our stand for integrity for our client and agency partners, we’re focused from get-go to completion.

The Audience Innovation Activation Team is widely regarded as the best in the business and, our reputation is derived from our robust attention-to-detail, active campaign management, and client-focused targeting precision.

Our campaigns are most adept for: PUBLIC PLACE campaigns, POINT-of-CARE campaigns, and 1:1 campaigns for both B2B and AFFLUENT target objectives.

Database Targeting is Our Expertise
Our databases are crafted from 30+ years experience, sculpting effective targeting for clients large and small, and cultivated results and sales ROI.

Cover Wrap Marketing Campaigns
Campaigns are designed to reach and engage any target, over a sequenced timeframe, to drive target interaction, loyalty, response and reliable sales ROI.

Interactive Direct+Digital Results
Interactive options provide immediacy, and simplicity too. We build the exact campaign for our client, based on cultivating relationships of greatest value.

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