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Creating Innovative Digital Experiences

Authentic is a fully integrated digital agency providing consulting and professional services to organizations in all industries.

Having successfully supported many of the worlds leading organizations in implementing enterprise technologies, and designing leading marketing and Customer Experience (CX) strategies, Authentic is skilled at crafting solutions that meet current business goals, while also providing a foundation for the future. We pride ourselves on bringing not just experience and industry-leading expertise, but also the vision needed to drive a successful marketing and IT solution for every one of its customers.

Constructed of all senior resources, Authentic has vast expertise in all aspects of Customer Experience Management (CXM), including enterprise CMS Implementations, system architecture, digital strategy, UX design, creative design, front-end development, system integration, hosting, governance and marketing strategy.

Serving a global portfolio of clients, Authentic has office locations throughout North and South America, as well the UK, including Richmond, VA (HQ); Washington, D.C.; New York, NY; Lima, Peru; Los Angeles, CA; and London, England.

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