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About Us

At Auxesis Infotech, our purpose is very simple: to code & deliver your vision.

Nine years ago, we began with a small two-people team to develop basic websites. Today we still develop for people who start small - as well as for enterprises and tech giants of different industries and more. That “more” is the multidirectional coding horizons ranging from web portals to mobile
applications to software platforms.

Client Reviews (18)

Real- Estate Portal Development


Budget Range
less than $20,000

Our company needed a website where buyers and sellers can look out for their properties and for the tenants to be able to contact the real estate agents as per the geographical location.
They built the website on the above concept along with the designing.

They make sure they have full clarity before starting work and that sorts out most of the problem. And also they accommodated a few new changes which came at the last moment of deployment.

Business Analyst
Real Estate
over 4 years ago
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