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About Interlex Communications Inc.

Imagine a world where people of all races, colors, languages and creeds work together. To maximize their potential. To enhance quality of life. As human beings. As a community.

That's the world Interlex is committed to building. We know we're just one small factor in an incredibly complex equation, but we are doing our part – through culturally relevant communications – to build understanding and motivate positive change.

We are one of the nation's Top US Agency brands according to Ad Age Magazine. We are also a member of the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America as ranked by Inc. Magazine. We have consistently been ranked one of the 100 fastest-growing Hispanic-owned companies in America. But we're much more than rankings, awards and billings. We are a concept. We are a family of people united by a shared commitment. In a world often marked by cynicism, we believe we can put our talents and insights to work for the betterment of diverse communities and the measurable accomplishment of public policy initiatives and socially conscientious corporate objectives.

Whether you are a potential client or team member, if you find meaning in our approach, we invite you to join our journey. There is more to do every day.

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