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Founded in 1964, Barkley is one of the largest independent agencies in the country and is 100% employee-owned. Our independence leads to fast decisions and actions, employee ownership fosters a sense of accountability that is hard to match. We are able to attract the best talent and consistently invest in training, growing every partner’s passion.

At Barkley, we take pride in future-proofing business models and modernizing iconic brands. We do this by first understanding modern consumers. In fact, we’ve written two books on the topic of Marketing to Millennials®. We are more than an ad agency, though. We are integrated business partners who are analytic and innovative at the core, using data to drive marketing conversation and strategies. This culture of innovation allows us to partner with our clients to create the solutions of the future. Our emerging technology innovation practice has built and deployed new technologies that create more engagement with the savviest generation of consumers we’ve ever seen.

Our network of integrated partner companies allows us to be nimble in all aspects of our work, engaging the right resources at the right time. From consulting to PR, data solutions, brand identity and everything in between, our network strengthens our ability to solve every problem with the right approach.

Barkley exists with the purpose to Add Good. We believe that innovation and creativity can change the world. To do this, we have to actively contribute at every possible moment. It’s this philosophy of action and commitment we ask everyone at Barkley to be a part of.


Example Projects

At the end of the day, it's all about the work. Here's some of the latest and greatest.

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