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Why we're unique

We put ideas first to make ideas last. Or, to put it another way: we produce extremely creative, channel-agnostic, idea-centric work for a variety of clients in mass and multicultural markets across North America. (Whew!) We've produced award winning ideas for cars, beer, financial services, transit (we may be the world leader in this category), government and packaged goods. The work we produce for our clients always comes first. Before corner offices. Even before morning coffee.

Client Reviews (2)

Branding, Logo Design & Label Design



Gavin from Barrett and Welsh is extremely talented, professional and in my opinion a wizard at his craft.
I recommend Barrett and Welsh very highly. They worked with me collaboratively to understand what I wanted my brand, logo, and label to represent.
They have a wonderful process in place. The process is important because it helped me grow my ideas and thinking into what I really wanted. It helped me evolve and change my thinking. Gavin was my rock through the whole process. He never left my side, and this was very comforting to me as a client.
I was clear on my business name but had no clue on where to start with everything else like logo, design, label etc.
I knew, eyes closed that I could fully rely on Gavin and his wonderful team for this.
Gavin listened to my ideas, my heart and he explained the process to me. Next Gavin sent me the brand brief and explained how I should go about filling this.
I filled the brand brief and soon after, Gavin and I had a lengthy conversation about the same, where he asked provoking questions, navigated my thoughts to make my ideas clearer, provided insightful advice and after we talked, I just knew that somehow Gavin knew exactly what I wanted for a logo. I had given him so many different wants and hearts desires.
In a few weeks Gavin sent me a slide deck with twelve logo options. I wanted my logo to be simple, minimalistic, and yet incorporate my company name, Lygia’s Brew along with the concept of “only from the heart”.
Gavin came up with a logo that was soooo special that I fell in love with it instantly. It was sheer perfection. I love it so much. Please check out my logo @lygiasbrew on Ig and you will fall in love with how he incorporated the L and B of Lygia’s Brew to form a heart, showing the concept of” only from the heart”.
I immediately approved the logo. Gavin then brought in Nandu to help with the label. I worked closely with both. Gavin made some brilliant design decisions and Nandu constructed the label to precision. They were constantly in touch with me over the phone and over teams.
Gavin like I said at the start is a wizard at his craft. Gavin and Nandu are committed to delivering a product that exceeds expectations and that is wonderfully creative with so many touches of genius. I am in love with my logo and brand.

Lygia's Brew
Consumer Goods
over 1 year ago
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