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Meet BEAM Interactive

BEAM Interactive is a digital marketing and experience design agency with the mission of making the most frictionless, fantastic and effective brands in the world. Founded in 2004, we serve organizations nationally from our offices in Boston, Mass., including clients such as BMW’s MINI USA, Fidelity Investments, Converse, Comcast, Virgin Mobile, and athenahealth.

Three words that matter a lot to us. These words describe what we think your brand should be. They also describe what we try to be every day at BEAM, in our interactions with our clients and each other:

Because people are busy. And being easier and faster to deal with is a competitive advantage that's never been more important.

Because finding the right moments to be memorably useful, innovative or super-fun is what makes people notice and care.

Because knowing what's working and why is essential. And so is having clear ideas for how to make things work even better.

We're 75+ strategists, managers, designers, writers, architects, developers, and data analysts. We can't stand office politics and administrative codswallop. We just like to focus on the daily challenge of living up to the three simple words listed above. Why? Because we're all consumers and we want our interactions with brands to be way more efficient, more useful and fun.

We're also pretty competitive and fight hard to help the individuals we work with win. We want them to be heroes for innovating and making experiences that get talked about. For moving the needle like nobody else in their organization. Because when this happens, we win too. Not much more to it than that.

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