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About Us

To develop brand cultures, we deeply immerse ourselves not only in the brand DNA and consumer mindset, but also in the latest cultural energies.

We uncover radical cultural units that can rapidly be shared from one person to another and can be amplified through communications, aka memes.

By leveraging identifiable memes, we explore cultural narratives that brands can authentically own and build upon.

We act as both the creators and broadcasters of the brand culture narrative. Bringing together conventional media channels and the unique possibilities offered by social media, we are able to propagate brand culture and inspire consumers to join in.

Client Reviews (2)

Best in class brand development with an entrepreneurial team

Graphic / Communication

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

New logo was part of the deliverable from Berlin Cameron

Fulllogo new black transparent

I worked with Berlin Cameron on a 4 month strategic brand development process. It began with brand exploration about the type of space and message our brand wants to resonate with. We were impressed by the range of options presented to us while still staying true to our initial themes. This commitment to the vision continued over the course of the engagement.

over 8 years ago
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