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About Us

BISCARDI CREATIVE MEDIA is a full service digital media production company near Atlanta, Georgia with services that include all aspects of script to screen video production. We can help with the creation of Broadcast and Documentary Series, Training and Certification videos, Marketing (Branding, Broadcast, PSAs), Trade Show and Expo Promotion and Public Relations efforts.

Quite simply we’re the people who make video and media production easy for you. No technobabble. Just clear, concise and creative content delivered where and how you need it, on time and on budget. View our work at and give us a call at 770-271-3427

Here's the technical nitty gritty of what we do: 4k / UHD and HD Video Production, Sound Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Post Production, Video Editing, Color Grading, Finishing, Digital Asset Transfer, Digitizing and Archiving, Scripting, Producer, Camera, Lighting, Workflow and Facility Design consultation.

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