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Why we're unique

From strategy to conversion, we have what it takes.

Bkom is a legendary workforce comprised of over 150 marketing strategists, designers, animators, developers and project managers; all of which were blessed with the same calling; to use their unique skills to better the world through innovative means and technology.

With over 16 years of experience battling for this just cause, Bkom is known throughout the multimedia industry as a leader in the fight against poor use of new media. Bkom is a new breed of talent, a powerful workhorse that guides you to where you need to be and understands that in today’s world only perfection and excellence are acceptable.

The real difference? The results.

With four offices (Montreal, Quebec City, Los Angeles, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) our team delivers what other agencies aspire to accomplish and other IT service providers strive to achieve.

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