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Why we're unique

The BMF Media Group is a full-service entertainment marketing agency with highly creative Cultural engineers specializing in the areas of events, promotions, public relations and non traditional communications. BMF has a track record for fusing brands and music together to produce exciting and measurable results, helping clients introduce new products to tastemakers and influencers.

Founded in 2003, The BMF Media Group was established as an independent resource for dynamic and cutting-edge alternative marketing strategies. Targeting influential and discerning tastemakers in the interconnected worlds of music, art, fashion, politics and new technologies, the New York-based firm implements various campaigns that creatively fuse music and brands to deliver measurable results. Since its inception, BMF has gained much success pairing traditional established corporate brands, products and sponsors with cutting edge new artists and emerging lifestyle trends and technologies.

Beyond brands and music, important humanitarian, social and charitable causes inspire BMFMedia to
lend its expertise and experience with entertainment and marketing to educate and bring about change. Working with numerous socially conscious artists and companies who understand the power of music and celebrity to advance important issues and agendas, BMF has forged a cultural initiative for a new, more progressive generation.

Visit us online and few examples of past BMF events:

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