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About Boathouse Group

Ad agencies are great at brand ideas, but are weak technically.
Digital agencies are great at executing technically, but weak at brand ideas.
We bring together both skill sets under one roof.

No departmental silos, no separation of advertising and digital. We want
the single-minded culture and creativity possible only by having highly conceptual people with different skill sets working together from the start.

We learn the most by having both entrepreneurial and corporate clients.
We help the smallest VC-funded companies be smarter, and help the largest Fortune 500 companies be more innovative.

We invest in and bring together high-performing, forward-thinking,
conceptual people. We look for brains and drive and often search
in industries and specialties that fall outside of the norm.

We test our instincts and learn the challenges of being accountable by
investing in and launching stand-alone businesses and ideas.

We shouldn’t spend our client’s money to do conventional, me-too work.
We need to help you stand out.

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