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About Booster Box

Booster Box is a performance agency specialized in scientific marketing. This is just a complicated way to say we are in love with numbers, Excel, and Python. Born in 2016, our headquarters are in Pietrasanta, Tuscany and in 2020, we opened up offices in London and Milan. Despite our “unconventional” location, our clients are mostly international (the main markets being the US, UK, and Israel). Some of the clients we have helped are Google, Taboola, Stripe, and Adevinta ( & Infojobs). Today Booster Box is internationally recognized. The several awards we have won prove this. In 2019 we were awarded the Best Small PPC Agency at the European Search Awards and were named as a finalist for “Agency of the Year” at the Drum Dadi Awards.

What makes us special?

1. FOCUS. We are focused on PPC. What differentiates us from other digital marketing agencies is that we don’t claim to be specialized in everything; we are the world champions of PPC. That being said, we are able to offer our expertise and services in PPC, SEO, CRO and present it all beautifully with actionable insights through our BI-tech stack.
We can be as involved as much or as little as you like - whether it’s auditing the user journey to identify potential friction points through the purchase path, or having a look at how your content is performing to help you with your organic reach, we are able to help you with a 360° complete look at your marketing operations and tease out the best course of action to supercharge your growth.

2. INTERNATIONAL BY DESIGN. Our headquarters are in Tuscany but we are present in London and Milan (so far) and 40% of our Boosters are non-Italian. Italian clients make up 15% of our revenue.

We have a highly quantitative approach thanks to our team of data scientists, developers, mathematicians and PPC specialists. This enables us to provide our customers with an unfair advantage in highly competitive industries and highly complex sectors where tons of data is required.

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