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About Us

BOULD DESIGN is a product development studio dedicated to exploring new forms, functions, materials and meanings for products. For our clients, this means new opportunities for product innovation and brand development. Project diversity is central to our search for what is new. A vibrant mix of technology, consumer, and furniture development programs ensures a dynamic pool of ideas and a better understanding of how design contributes to your product's success.

In our pursuit of new product excellence, we combine research, devotion to functionality and artful form-giving with focused cultural and commercial insight. Supporting these essential strengths is an experienced, reasoned approach to engineering and manufacturing. The net result of our process is exceptional new products with enduring intrinsic value.

Bould Design's collaboration with clients such as Logitech, Focus Enhancements, Nambe and Pablo has produced a diverse and highly original body of work. Our Silicon Valley studio has been published internationally and honored by several CES Design and Innovation Awards, the ID Magazine Design Review, the GOOD Design Award, Graphics Product Design 3, and the SFMOMA Permanent Design Collection.

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