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Brand. Build. Monetize.

Over the last two decades, we have developed the “Brandetize Method” -- Brand. Build. Monetize.

Focusing on each of these steps, in order, is proven to improve messaging and generate consumers that will want to buy into your brand and products for the long-term.

1. Craft your brand identity
2. Develop the ideal customer avatar
3. Create impactful messaging

1. Design and code your website
2. Set up a complete sales funnel
3. Optimize all your digital assets

1. Drive new leads to your website
2. Maximize sales and order value
3. Shorten time to purchase

Client Reviews (2)

Amazing digital marketing campaign! Brandetize delivered!! THANK YOU!

Direct Marketing


Eric & his team, Becky, Sam, Kris & Mackenzie totally delivered on what we need to market our latest Teddy bear campaign, Pink Teddy Bear for Breast Cancer Awareness month. They worked closely with me daily to achieve great sales results!! They are very professional, creative, attentive and passionate about helping my company achieve its goals!! Thank you guys! I am already looking forward to our next campaign with you!! Thank you for making us look amazing!!!

President & Founder
Herrington Teddy Bears
Consumer Goods
over 2 years ago
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