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Get it right the first time

We get it right the first time - that's the value of experience.

Brass Ideas is a branding and advertising agency that specializes in solving difficult challenges. We’re best known for our Bill Lumbergh campaign for Atlassian HipChat, which achieved 20 times the average response to digital video advertising.

We believe in certain things that work: intellectual honesty, the power of emotion to drive decisions, over-servicing clients.

We have deep experience in and love for technology advertising. We bring humanity and thus motivating power to it. We’ve helped solve B2B problems for technology clients ranging from Atlassian, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, HP and Google Wallet to start-ups like SmartRecruiters and Galvanize. We’ve also done lots of consumer tech, for brands like Sprint, Verizon and Nokia.

In consumer advertising, we’ve worked with global brands such as Diageo and PUMA and here in the US, packaged goods brands like Jimmy Dean, Nestle and General Mills. We’ve worked on cars, (Subaru and MINI), golf (Taylor Made Golf, Mizuno), media properties (The Weather Channel, ABC) and lots of financial services (iShares, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Silicon Valley Bank).

In addition to creative and media, we offer a branding consultancy focused on ideation, brand strategy and brand identity.

We’ve been doing this awhile and know what we’re doing. If you want to put yourself in proven hands when you have a difficult challenge, call us.

Client Reviews (1)

Strategic Focus and Agility is Where Brass Ideas Advertising Really Shines


Budget Range
greater than $200,000

We chose to work with Brass Ideas’ because of the quality of their thinking and the agility of their approach. Before meeting with Andrew (Founder), we had gone down a path with another agency, but it wasn't a good culture or industry fit; we were getting no where with them. When we approached Andrew and shared our needs and ideas, his deep understanding of the industry and his brand first approach aligned with how we operated. He had a passion for the business, and he showed us that he understood the vision - and how to make it resonate with our target - intuitively.

In terms of results, Brass was able to deliver in the timeframe that we needed. Nobody believed we could make the deadline, especially given the budget we were working with. But the Brass team was able to deliver. It really reshaped our organization’s thinking of what's possible, and the sentiment, engagement, and reach metrics exceeded our expectations.

Head of Brand & Advertising
Computer Software
over 6 years ago
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