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Gain insight quickly, simply, and efficiently

You probably don't know what you don't know about your customers...

All the complex algorithms and statistical approaches don’t really matter unless you get the answers you need. Our team of qualitative and quantitative researchers strives to apply the right methods to reach the real solutions.

Canvas Research delivers the most effective and efficient research methods to get to the right answers - qualitative or quantitative.

Client Reviews (1)

Good balance of research and strategy


I recently worked with Canvas on a small research project. One of the reasons I used them was that I needed someone who could do research but also had a strategic lens and they are a good balance of both. They didn’t just deliver data back to me like some research companies do. They took it a step further to develop the insight and learnings from the data and package it up in a meaningful way so I could easily communicate it and share it. They were flexible and responsive and a pleasure to work with.

InterContinental Hotels Group
almost 10 years ago
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