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Whether it’s disruptive ideas changing the future or companies evolving to make the “now” a whole lot better, at Cherish PR we believe that change is good.
We make change happen by promoting it.
As a digital PR agency, we deliver outstanding communications for the world’s most innovative brands.
We use PR to help disruptive new ideas and fast-growth startups take hold.
And we work with established businesses to regenerate their communications for digitally driven audiences.

The world is driven by word of mouth - stories and conversations that run through digital and social media, broadcast and print, through influencers, workmates, friends, family.
That’s why good PR starts with a great story; a story that achieves attention; attention that introduces opportunity; opportunity that delivers new audiences, new clients and new customers.
At Cherish PR, we combine smart, strategic communications with creative and high-profile storytelling to build awareness, create understanding and change perceptions.

These are the stories that make change happen.



We have been helping disruptors since 2003, evolving to meet the needs of ambitious, fast-growth and digitally driven businesses and founders.

We understand the agility of these businesses, the pace of change and the need for a trusted partner to hold the communications’ reins.
That’s why we offer integrated, full service communications, including consumer and corporate PR, launch PR, social media and influencer relations, start-up communications consultancy, content design and creation, alongside creative activations, events, stunts and access to a global boutique agency network, but all with an agile and flexible approach. This makes it easy to switch campaigns on and off, try new things and establish, evolve and scale our PR services as our clients need us to.

Business growth is a journey and no two growth journeys are ever the same.
That’s why we operate an agile and dynamic management and metrics system, breaking big goals down into shorter term objectives, assigning hypotheses and targets, doing the work and learning at every stage. This programmatic approach is driven by a desire to apply the very best strategies and tools for our clients’ journeys, evolving our PR as they grow.
That’s why we have worked alongside clients from start-up to Unicorn status, from sale to IPO listing.

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