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Who We Are

ClearSummit is a Los Angeles based development team founded on rock solid engineering. We’re not trendy coders. We’re the real deal. Skilled engineers who build websites, apps and experiences the right way from the ground up. When we engage, we're thinking about your current version, your next version and what you'll need to scale.

ClearSummit provides front-end mobile application and web platform development, back end development, and UX/UI design for our clients. We specialize in quick turnarounds for prototypes, as well as beginning-to-end development of apps, web servers and entire platforms. We make sure our clients are set up to be able to quickly move from alpha, to beta, to full and scalable public releases for their ideas with the highest quality design and engineering from start to finish.


Innovative Solutions. Solid Engineering.

At ClearSummit, we pride ourselves on creating intimate, long-lasting partnerships with each of our clients. Your success is our success. Our integrity-driven ethos is focused on delivering future-proof solutions that eliminate technical debt that can waste precious time and money down the road. We promise to handle problems the right way to set our clients up for success.

We pair best with sophisticated product owners who understand great design and value precision engineering.

Client Reviews (1)

Finished week-long API integration and UX work in 1 day


Our marketing software company needed some help knocking out a few API integrations with other marketing software vendors to satisfy a few pending customers. We needed someone that could do the project fast and well since a lot of money was riding on finishing the work.

ClearSummit went above and beyond to process our request, consult, and get an engineer on the project in 2 days. The engineer then completed what we thought would be a week's worth of work in about 9 hours.

We're planning on using ClearSummit for a lot more work coming up and highly recommend their services.

VP Operations
Marketing and Advertising
over 5 years ago
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