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About Click2Mail

As a pioneer of cloud-based hybrid mail systems, Click2Mail is dedicated to creating products and systems that make postal mail easy and efficient. We were founded by people who are committed to system excellence, pledged to friendly service, and obsessed with superior quality. Our flagship, Mailing Online, is a cloud-based system for creating, personalizing, and delivering a wide variety of mailing pieces. Once you create your mailing, we geo-route each mailpiece to reduce postal handling and improve delivery times, then transmit it to one or more of our strategically located production facilities where it is electronically commingled with thousands of other local letters or cards, pre-sorted, printed and transported to a United States Post Office for posting and delivery. Over the decade since Click2Mail was founded it has become the power behind the mail operations of thousands of organizations including retailers, service providers, municipalities, and institutions—major to micro businesses and countless other organizations domestic and foreign.

Our goals

1. To provide innovative and easy-to-use tools for creating mail and managing production.
2. To supply high-quality, reasonably priced products and printing.
3. To optimize shared postage discounts through state-of-the-art knowledge software and production techniques.
4. To improve delivery speed and accuracy through automated address checking and improvement.
5. To earn committed clients and have fun doing it.

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