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Here at Common Thread Collective, we exist to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. As a Facebook Preferred Partner, we specialize in selling your products & services online to help you grow your business. It's as simple as that.

We offer a full suite of services from paid media management, branding, web development, and content creation. Whatever you need to help grow & scale your business, we got you!

Sound interesting? Our team offers free consultations, so shoot us a message and we will figure out if CTC is right for you!

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Stay FAR FAR AWAY. We contracted with Common Thread to run our paid media and creative development on one of their "Growth Team" packages. The cost is significant and for a small business, a major investment. They will show you examples of "clients" they have worked on, but what they don't tell you is...none of those clients still use their services.

They will spend a month "getting to know your brand", while you pay their full rate and they don't run any ads. Unfortunately, after all that shows that they didn't ever get to know your brand, customers or voice.

After 4+ months they were not able to even break even on our Facebook ads spend, let alone pay for their lofty fees. In total we lost tens of thousands of dollars by running our ads with CTC. This is an ad account btw that had 3x+ ROAS prior to bringing them on board.

The creative was a big part of that problem and absolutely terrible. You could honestly find the same quality on Fiver. They have excuse after excuse and will throw plenty of different senior managers at you to get you to give them more time.

Eventually, they will try to become in their words "your total business partner", aka attempt to convince you that as long as your business overall makes money, they are doing their job. What this really means is that CTC can cover up their poor performance if you have any good results from other advertising channels.

This company rots from the head down as their CEO doesn't practice what he preaches. They will tell you that they care about small business', but in reality, they only care about the money they make.

The most ironic part is, their senior management team will openly acknowledge that the company is having issues. Even the employees know, they are all in way over their heads.

Plenty of higher quality agencies out there with more integrity than CTC. Don't let their slick sales pitch up front convince you.

Private User
almost 3 years ago
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