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Connection Model is a nimble, Digital Marketing Agency that helps other businesses grow by helping them generate qualified leads and directly acquire clients.

What makes Connection Model unique?
Efficiency, Transparency, Technology and Insights.
We've developed a model that generates results efficiently, with real-time dashboard reporting so you can see exactly how your marketing investment is performing on any given day. We evaluate your marketing technology stack, and either help you optimize what you have, or get you onto a better platform. Then we meet (weekly or monthly) and deliver actionable insights based on expert analysis to help you improve and hit your goals.

Do you focus on B2B or B2C marketing? Business-to-Business, or Business-to-Consumer? Our roots and the majority of our clients are B2B, but we have large scale consumer-focused clients as well. Often we find that innovations in consumer marketing can be applied to B2B with great results.

What size companies do you work with? Only large companies?
We work with a wide range of companies, from a single location medical practice to divisions of the Fortune 500.

Do you work with franchises?
Yes, we added on the capabilities to work with both franchisors and franchisees in 2018.

Integrating the Tools You Love:
HubSpot | Salesforce | WordPress | Shopify | Big Commerce | MailChimp
We know the tools and platforms you probably use and love. We can help you make them better. How? By getting them working in concert and applying automation between them. You'll be surprised how much heavy lifting can be taken off your plate through marketing automation. Ask us for a conversation about Marketing Automation.

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