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Cultivate Brand Values

We are a brand strategy firm with a unique perspective on how brands become great.

We recognize that viewing brands in their larger cultural context is critical to establishing branding itself on a sustainable basis. We’re all beholden to the realities of business and we recognize and respect the honest motive of profit – it’s a part of why we do what we do. But just a part. We believe the key to a future world of better brands lies in recognizing, respecting and cultivating the tapestry of world cultures in which they operate today. All that’s required is what we like to call “Enlightened Self Interest”. Ultimately, we feel it’s about recognizing the distinction between wealth and riches.

We focus company leadership on a profitable growth strategy via sustainable brand positioning that puts people back into the equation by aligning brand and customer values. Guided by social & cultural insight, we help you turn consumers into Customers. Our global experience with anthropology, ethnography, semiotics, and social media research informs each successful client outcome. We accomplish this through the application of cultural discovery and understanding to the most important challenges and opportunities facing brand and corporate leaders.


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Brands Should Be Who They Say They Are
‘Brand Schizophrenia’ is a Risk When Leadership Changes

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