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We Are Hyperactive

Incorporated in 1987, HyperActive is a leading provider of diverse media
solutions that help revolutionize the way our clients do business.

From presentation support, video production, application design or
anything in between, HyperActive has the capabilities to help you complete
your entire project, from concept through production.

As we celebrate over 20 years of technical and creative innovation, our
objective remains developing state-of-the-art communication tools and
information products for our clients.

Client Reviews (1)

Hyperactive is outstanding in all things digital!


Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

I have worked with Hyperactive for nearly 10 years across three different large medical device corporations. The combination of high caliber digital solutions and excellent service (this team will go to the ends of the earth and literally pull an all-nighter for you!) is what sets them apart. They are innovative and always on top of the latest in digital trends. They add value, and you will look smart just for hiring them.

Private User
about 9 years ago
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