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About Data Revolt Agency

We are a data marketing agency.
We empower marketing with data.

Data marketing refers to strategies built on insights pulled from data, collected through consumer interactions and engagement, to construct propensity about future behaviour.

Client Reviews (1)

Highly skilled and very reliable


I’ve been working with the Data Revolt team as a client for over 4 years, and have had great results together: to name only a few, we were relying on data-marketing services from Data Revolt when launching an app for financial services, Orange Money, the first 100% digital mobile subscription in Romania, called YOXO, plus we developed many other successful campaigns and side-projects.

The team at Data Revolt is always striving to improve services and stay on top of the newest technologies and developments in the market and they are always ready to walk the extra mile to bring results.

Digital Marketing & Performance Manager
Orange Romania
almost 2 years ago
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