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In a world full of increasing complexity and change, we embrace the inconvenient truth that humans do not make decisions logically and rationally.

Businesses hate unpredictable people because they cannot calculate their behaviors. Today, clients are looking to agencies to help grow their business
and growth requires getting consumers to behave predictably. Instead of following the crowd and turning human beings into data points, DDB is doubling down on creativity. We believe, and always have, that creativity is the most powerful force in business.

Because creativity speaks to the emotional, not the rational, DDB places creativity at the center of everything we do. We know emotion, at scale, is the way to achieve growth, so we drive growth for our brands by giving them an Emotional Advantage—making lots of people feel the same thing at the same time—because when we successfully harness emotion, it’s possible to engage consumers on what unifies us all.

We achieve this with work designed to appeal to emotion in order to achieve
a rational goal. Creative that doesn’t make sense—until it does.

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