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About Us

3D Projections & Immersive Experiences

Located in Toronto's cultural Kensington Market, Derooted delivers innovative creative solutions from the ground up specializing in fresh concept-driven Immersive Experiences.

Our process follows the path of strategic creative process, from the implementation of mass campaigns and ending at the intersection of fresh innovative experiential design and executions.

Since the early days of our conception, we have pushed the boundaries of technology widely available to us in creating the bridge between the creative and technological scientific advancements. If you can imagine it, we can build it. We incorporate a broad range of hardware, electronics and technology to create custom digital environments, of virtually any shape or scale, that not only set our clients apart, but also fundamentally transform how brands engage with and impact their audiences. Design and technology should help empower and amplify those messages, taking brands to new, often unexplored, places. We work with you to conceive of what could be; as a result, our ongoing relationships with our clients are not because they need us, but because they can’t live without us. Dare to imagine!

We are Derooted, Industry leaders in 3D Projection mapping, Immersive Experiences & dynamic environments.



From ideation to execution, our lab specialized in content, environment, and systems design led by an extraordinary team of project managers and producers who guide the process. Derooted is the one-stop shop to assist brands and agencies to execute grand experiences that thrill, invigorate, and mesmerize audiences.

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