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Digital Marketing Vancouver

Driven by data & crafted with heart. SEO, PPC, Analytics.

We hand craft online marketing campaigns that build growth into organizations. Our pride & dedication for improvement shows in our achievements.

We study the history, culture and idiosyncrasies of our trusted partners. We become part of their marketing team. Investigate the audience and research their behaviour. Analytics, analysis & research.

Client Reviews (2)

An Excellent Experience


Budget Range
less than $20,000

The good folks at The Status Bureau got us set up on Google Adwords and Google Analytics, and helped us understand how to make the most of both platforms. As a small non-profit, we're always stretched for budget and staff time, so this help was tremendously valuable to us.

Since we stated working with Josh and the Status Bureau team, our web traffic has grown steadily in leaps and bounds, and the traffic we are getting now is much more focused than the bots our site used to attract. This has had a positive impact on our ability to generate attendance at our programs and financial support from both existing and new donors.

On top of all this, the experience of working with the Status Bureau team has been very pleasant. They are excellent at communication, both highly informative and good humoured.

Director of Community Engagement
The Jewish Museum and Archives of BC
Museums and Institutions
almost 6 years ago
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