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Custom digital solutions for global impact.

We are a top-quality web app development company focused on launching pilot projects for pharma and healthcare companies. With more than 52 worldwide successful projects and extensive experience in working with the top 5 worldwide pharma enterprises, our purpose is to support innovators with custom digital solutions for a global impact.

Our proven expertise is around delivering omnichannel web applications, HCP and patient-facing portals, healthcare telemedicine apps, and much more.

Our huge passion for the digital world and exceptional devotion for turning ideas into top-notch software solutions makes us stand out. We live by the “less is more” methodology that brings simplicity and clarity to scalable development. As a result, our custom-built solutions are creative and intuitive. We are innovative and reliable, and we like to deliver high-quality results.

What makes Digitalya unique?

- We have a customer-centric culture.
- We have a proven healthcare expertise.
- We are enterprise-ready.

We like to combine various technologies to get the job done. Our focus is always on delivering the best future-proof solution that delivers results. We also like to work a lot with:

- React.js
- Node.js
- Vue.js
- Laravel

Does Digitalya sound like the perfect partner for you? Don't hesitate to contact us!


Case Studies

Some of our custom-made apps revolutionize yoga practice worldwide, while others leverage Artificial Intelligence's potential in customer experience and others contribute to a digitalized learning experience in Switzerland. Read our case studies to find out more stories.

Client Reviews (2)

My go to Digital Agency


Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

Digitalya team met our milestones and provided high-quality deliverables on time. What we highly appreciated about them was their user-centric mindset and the fact that they always questioned the process of the platform to ensure that we are delivering a great experience overall. The team has been accessible and provided a detailed project overview to ensure smooth communication and collaboration.

Online Media
about 3 years ago
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