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Where people and technology meet

We are a collaborative digital agency - but we're probably unlike any other agency you've worked with or for. We understand that without people, technology would be pointless, positioning ourselves as the unique intersection where people and technology meet. With offices in both Durban and Johannesburg, we thrive on finding digital solutions to business problems and do this with our unique strategy team called the Think Tank, through collaborative workshops, mobile app and web development, online reputation management, digital research and dashboards, design, advertising and media placement.

We pride ourselves in the diverse team we’ve built – from the creatives, designers, developers and programmers, strategists, technologists and writers. Digital is in our DNA, so expect us to steer the conversation that way when you have a conversation with us! Our team hails from a divergent range of experience, and we consider it a strength to have some many varied perspectives – that way, we can be certain to challenge the impossible with a fresh, new idea.

#WorkFamily is what draws us all together – we truly look out for each other like family here, seeking to unlock the potential in each other.

Client Reviews (1)

Agile, Strategic, Creative and Fun


I first worked with Digitlab on a collaborative basis when I was an Account Director at a Strategic Brand Consultancy. They provided us with digital expertise, ranging from strategy to website builds and campaign ideas.

Since then, I have moved across to the retail sector, working as Marketing & Sales Director. Having enjoyed working with Digitlab and seeing the benefits they can bring to brands – I engaged with the team on projects ranging from them being an outsourced social media management partner to pure campaign driven projects and also to consult and build websites for us.

What makes Digitlab great to work with is the unpretentious nature of how they approach projects and how they engage with their clients. All intents are genuinely driven by the goal of delivering results and meeting strategic objectives, whether these are to build brand or drive sales. Added to this, their creatives are great and always on point.

Marketing & Sales Director
over 6 years ago
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