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We drive brand messages through various strategies employed through events, social media, PR & performing arts.

Duma Collective (PTY) Ltd is a creative communications agency that services FMCG brands, event productions, agencies, performing artists as well as government departments in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Services We Offer:

Social Media & Influencers
With a credible background in social media management, we have attracted various notable entities for assistance with social media.

Creative Direction
Our experience stems from having worked on international and local ward ceremony stages and some of Africa's biggest live event productions.

Talent Procurement
With our niche selection of talent ensures every brand contact point is carefully strategized to ensure sustainable holistic growth.

Event Consulting
we provide a 360-degree consultancy service which has gained a reputable track record amongst Africa's successful urban growth properties and production houses.

Public Relations
We provide the services of developing, planning and implementing a tailor-made communications strategy designed for your brand.

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