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An award-winning, women-owned Advertising agency. E29 Marketing delivers measurable, impactful results, ALWAYS!

Meet E29 Marketing. A strategic marketing and advertising agency that is elevating the agency experience, one project at a time!

As an independent and women-owned agency, at E29 we’re breaking through barriers and industry standards to develop the agency of the future. We think differently and this thinking leads to better results for our clients.

E29 is comprised of a seasoned team of marketing specialists that are focused on creating extraordinary work at the speed of the marketplace. This means not only delivering exceptional products and services but most importantly value.

We dig deep, taking time to understand underlying challenges; then provide strategic solutions and bold creative ideas to connect consumers and brands in meaningful ways. And we rely on data to provide proof of the value we’re delivering.


Case Studies

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve done with our clients.

Client Reviews (5)

E29 = Outstanding people and ideas.

Digital Strategy

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

“E29 has really helped us focus on what’s going to drive our business forward. They’ve provided invaluable advice for our growing start up – often over-and-above what we’ve contracted them to do. If you’re in need of an agency that’s a true partner and as concerned about your overall business as you are, I would highly recommend E29. They’re an unbeatable resource!”

Mark Stafford
Partner, Mint-Lavender

Mint and Lavender
over 3 years ago
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