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Results-Driven, Women-Owned Ad Agency in NorCal

Meet E29 Marketing. The Results Agency! A strategic marketing and advertising agency that is elevating the agency experience, one project at a time.

A big idea is only brilliant if it works.

We believe the real proof of good creative isn’t a trophy perched high on the shelf. It’s the impact you feel on the bottom line — that’s what makes us different.

We measure our success by the growth of our clients’ brands. We’re obsessed with it. It’s what inspires the bold ideas we bring to the table and what drives us to create strategies that make an impact. We go hard for our clients — and so does our work.

We live, sleep, and breathe your business. We ideate, innovate, and never settle. Why? Because we know that beautiful creative and winning strategies don’t come together by accident — and work that works take work.


Case Studies

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve done with our clients.

Client Reviews (5)

E29 = Outstanding people and ideas.

Digital Strategy

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

“E29 has really helped us focus on what’s going to drive our business forward. They’ve provided invaluable advice for our growing start up – often over-and-above what we’ve contracted them to do. If you’re in need of an agency that’s a true partner and as concerned about your overall business as you are, I would highly recommend E29. They’re an unbeatable resource!”

Mark Stafford
Partner, Mint-Lavender

Mint and Lavender
almost 5 years ago
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