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Make it different. Make it relevant.

- Who we are: Digitally driven, rooted in classic creative values.
- What we're about: Strategic sensibilities, digital tendencies, courageous creative.
- What we do. Invent devices that draw attention to and business for client brands.
- Reason for being: We're in business to help businesses do business better.

1. Find a space in the market you can own, then own it.
2. Avoid convention, sameness is the enemy.
3. Speak to the hardcore ... let the others listen in.
4. Strategies should inspire.
5. Invent media, surprise is better than frequency.
6. Whisper. Shout. Just don't mumble.
7. Never ever lie.
8. Start grass-fires.
9. Stay humble.
10. Grab the consumer by the heart and don't let go.


Want the truth. Ask a customer.

We want to know our clients' customers. We prefer their opinions to ours. We've learned how to identify and prioritize the brand-traits that, in the end, influence and convince prospects to select our client's brand versus another. These traits become planks in a value proposition. The value proposition shapes and sharpens a brand position, which drives creative. Creative that'll likely be on target because it's delivering messages we know to be important and influential to client customers.

Client Reviews (4)

Great ideas need great branding


We were looking for an agency that would help us develop a "wow" factor for a new disruptive technology.

Hook was able to develop a story and brand that made us stand out and establish our value proposition.

President & CEO
PharmRight Corporation
Health, Wellness and Fitness
about 7 years ago
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