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Nobody Does DRTV Like Eicoff.

With over 50 years of experience driving in-market success with DRTV and Performance Television, Eicoff designs and activates innovative, multi-screen television and digital video solutions that deliver at the highest level.

Direct Response Television has evolved beyond the pitchman and the boundaries of traditional television. Today, DRTV is video content - appearing wherever people consume video - designed to educate, inform, demonstrate and, most importantly, sell. Relentlessly quantified, analyzed, and optimized to drive ROI. DRTV compels viewers to take action, inciting response via phone, text, web, or all three; stimulating direct sales, acquisition, lead generation, and traffic to e-commerce sites and retail locations. A strong DRTV presence affects multiple marketing channels, lifting direct mail, search, social, mobile.

Eicoff is a division of Ogilvy, part of WPP. As the pioneer in the industry, we remain at the forefront of measured-response media for one simple reason: a complete focus on in-market performance. If you're ready to get your brand on TV for the first time, or want to stimulate an already robust marketing mix, get in touch with us.

Eicoff makes every client’s advertising investment work harder.

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