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Case Study: How Email Industries Improved Deliverability for The World’s #1 Sales Trainer

Our client, a bestselling author, renowned sales trainer, charismatic social media influencer, and real estate mogul, was experiencing severe email deliverability challenges, including their 1-to-1 emails being placed in spam folders.

Client’s Challenges

The two teams began working together at the beginning of 2023 with a timeline of 4 weeks. During that time, the experts at Email Industries identified the following issues:

The client’s team was sent to poor-quality contacts
The client had spam folder placement issues for the emails sent using Google Workspace to B2B sends

The Team

Technical and marketing leads from the client’s side and Email Industries’ deliverability team, led by LB Blair, our Head of Deliverability, worked closely from the very beginning. It’s essential to react to any obstacles quickly when deliverability issues are acute.

Email Industries’ Approach

The Email Industries team took a strategic approach to address the client’s needs. We began with a thorough deliverability audit that included several key steps.

First, we analyzed the client’s existing processes and identified any gaps. Next, we verified and corrected the client’s authentication procedures. We also closely examined the client’s online reputation and potential security threats. To enhance deliverability, we resolved any issues and eliminated any instances of being blacklisted. We have also provided recommendations for improving tools and processes.

Answering the Client’s Needs

To meet our client’s requirements, we began by processing their email lists using Alfred, our comprehensive threat detection and validation service. This process filtered out low-quality addresses, ensuring that only the most valuable contacts remained.

Alfred played a crucial role in this effort by eliminating problematic addresses and identifying the valid ones. It effectively eliminated spam traps and abandoned addresses, guaranteeing the delivery of emails only to safe and legitimate contacts.

In addition to these actions, our team conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s reputation, audited their existing processes, and resolved any issues identified.

The goals of this collaboration were to:

- Identify and fix the existing deliverability issues
- Make improvements to overall sending processes, infrastructure, and sending reputation
- Guard against future disruptions

In four weeks, Email Industries completed a deliverability audit and made priority recommendations based on the audit analysis. These insights allowed the client to plan their next steps and implement improvements to their email marketing strategy based on our expert recommendations.

Improve your Email Deliverability

Are you struggling with similar challen ges in your company? Our team is ready to support you in improving your deliverability and email marketing efforts. Whatever requirements you may have, we’ve got you covered. Contact our deliverability experts to understand your challenges better and suggest solutions.

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