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The Digital Agency for Courageous Brands

Emerge is a digital experience agency. We build great user experiences that create real life value. Human-centered design drives everything we do.

Our clients are innovators.
They’re people who want to do something special, something they’ve never done before — to tell an untold story and build deeper connections while creating value and growing their business. We bring their stories and products to market through digital design and development.


Our Work

We help brands do things they’ve never done before.

Client Reviews (1)

Exceptional Strategy, Design, Development and Results


On behalf of one of the world’s top universities, I conducted a national search for a digital partner to develop a new digital platform for one of the university’s key research and policy-informing institutes. From my first conversation with Jonathon Hensley, I knew that Emerge was the right firm. Jonathon was generous with his time, engaged, enthusiastic about the opportunity and instilled confidence in the team’s strategic, technical and creative capabilities. One area that particularly impressed me and was a differentiator from other firms was that their technical knowledge was as deep as their creativity. Emerge was awarded the business and my initial impression rang true throughout the complex project. The entire team was flexible, thoughtful in their work and cared deeply about the client experience in addition to results. When unexpected challenges popped up, the team took them in stride, always at the ready with options for solutions.

Following the success of that initial project, Emerge and I went on to work together on more than six projects over several years. I highly recommend Emerge for any organization wanting to catapult their business to the next level.

Stowe Communications
Environmental Services
21 days ago
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