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Energy BBDO

Based in Chicago, Energy BBDO is a lead global agency offering within BBDO Worldwide, the world's most awarded agency network for creativity and effectiveness.

The BBDO mantra has always been "The Work. The Work. The Work." In the absence of great work, nothing else matters.

At Energy BBDO, The Work energizes people through the unique combination of evocative storytelling and experiences.

Energized people engage with The Work, like when they shared Extra's "The Story of Sarah & Juan" over a million times on Facebook in a single week, driving over 75 million views before a dime was spent on media.

Or when they made Ziploc the 2nd highest engaging brand on Pinterest by turning to the brand for tips and tricks for containing life's chaos.

Or when they created and shared over 14 million new potato chip flavor ideas for Lay's, resulting in a $99 million sales increase.

This type of consumer energy drives a brand's business forward, leading four of our clients to win 2015 Effie Awards for creativity that drives business success.

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