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Awaken Champions

It’s tough to find a competitive advantage these days. Or is it?

Our mission is to awaken champions — in our clients, our team and our community. Because when you discover the truth behind your brand, no aspiration is out of reach.

Epicosity is not for everyone. But we are for those brave enough to go further than they think they can. Is that you? Let’s do this.


Work Worth Crowing About

We recognize that great results come from top-notch creative born out of novel ideas. Everything we do is with intention and purpose. We don’t know any other way. (And we’re talking work that merits a proudly displayed position on the fridge.)

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Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000


We partnered with Epicosity in 2014 to strengthen our brand. They worked by our side to create a brand that not only differentiates our credit union and set us apart from the competition, but added a personality and depth that secured our position within the market.

The team at Epicosity brought creative ideas to the table and ensure our goals and objectives were met time and time again.

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union
over 9 years ago
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