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About Ester Digital

Bursting onto the scene in 2015, our formation was one of those events where all the right people, with all the right skills and all the right ideas and attitudes, just coalesced around a focal point. Being a highly reliable design and development partner for five years, Ester Digital is a conscientious service provider for a number of Fortune 500 companies like McDonald's, Bridgestone, T-Mobile, ASOS, etc.

Client Reviews (1)

They helped with website design

Budget Range
less than $20,000

I've been leaving in NY since 2019, and recently opened a small business there. I needed a decent website and logo mark design for my brand.

I started looking for an agency with an actual presence in the US (I don't believe in remote work and don't want to hire freelancers), and one of my employers knew a designer from Ester. All in all, we met in their office, decided on a creative plan (I didn't have an RFP, to be precise), a list of deliverables and timelines for each. It took about an hour to sign the agreement.

During the first week, they have sent me five or six moodboards, I chose one and, in a week they shared some logo variations. I was pleased with a result and a timeline, thus I decided to proceed with my website design.

From my limited experience, they performed well, they provided me with branding and brand guidelines and five-pages website design.

Professional Training & Coaching
over 3 years ago
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