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Why Euphoria XR?

Euphoria XR is a creative technology company that produces next-generation experiences for world-class brands. Whether it be an agency partner or an offshore development partner, we bring creative ideas to life. We are best known for our award-winning work in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Application development.

We work with some of the most recognized brands in the world - Hasbro, Qatar Airways, TXDOT, TTEC, Ducati, NFL, Total, Nestle, Pepsico, CES, and Harbinger are the renowned ones.

Reach out to us - [email protected]

Our team hails from diverse disciplines - from creating location-based entertainment and marketing campaigns, developing enterprise apps and video games, to directing 360 VR commercials and generating CG environments for your amazing brands’ campaigns.

We are artists, musicians, thinkers, creators, tinkerers, technologists, gamers, strategists, innovators, rebels, developers, and most of all, digital fanboys (and fangirls) with a common interest: consistently delivering amazing, effective work for amazing clients and agency partners.

EuphoriaTech™ is our proprietary group of technologies that we’ve developed as a base for many of our clients. Our platform is secure, reliable, and flexible – allowing our team to configure solutions that will support our client’s marketing objectives. Our system is built upon best in class technology providing a comprehensive and speed to market solution. Our pre-built Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions will give a thrust to your marketing activities.

• Strategic Planning and Consulting for Next-Generation Technologies
• AR Lens and Photo Filters - Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram
• Fan Engagement Experiences and Interactive Installations
• AR, VR, XR, MR development
• AI Development
• Mobile App Development and Design
• 360º Content Creation Videos and Interactive Applications
• Real-Time Render Engine Development
• CGI and Animation
• Motion Capture
• Deployment for On-Site Activations
• Multi-Touch Surfaces and Gesture-Based Reactive Interfaces

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