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B2B Success Stories

B2B has a unique set of marketing complexities, often overlooked by internal and external marketing teams who lack solid business to business expertise. The results? Costly gaps, with sales slipping through the cracks.

That is where Exhale steps in, allowing our clients to breathe a sign of relief.

B2B is our arena and where we excel at creating marketing ecosystems and tactical strategies that reach decision makers. Since our inception in 2010, we’ve helped resuscitate the marketing of many B2B businesses, while launching start-ups faster and farther then their competition.

Working with each clients’ unique requirements, we adjust our role according to needs – ranging from marketing advisers on speed dial, extended marketing department, to providing in-house training for clients’ teams to improve and update their skills,

Our team is fueled by ambitious minds and a rare-breed of marketing experts who balance creative thinking with analytics and logic. From designers to writers to researchers, we each understand the unique nuances of B2B marketing and how to engage those hard to reach C-Suite, Gatekeepers and Influencers.

Whether you are a Marketing Manager looking to improve ROI, or an Executive with a mandate to increase brand reputation, demand and sales, we’ll make your job easier, and your businesses more lucrative.

You could say, we let you Exhale.

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