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About Us

Good advertising is advertising that works. There isn’t much around.
If most of advertising suddenly disappeared what would happen?

At The Fearless Group, we notice market competitors trying to dramatize
their similarities to each other.

We hear a still, small voice saying “let’s be safe.”

We see big advertisers spending millions of dollars to talk to themselves,
their bosses and if they feel clever, their shareholders. Their customers?

Too difficult it would seem.

And we know the people responsible for this are not dumb.

So why do they do it? From tv to twitter.

We think it’s because of fear and its corrosive effect on decision makers.

Fear of criticism. Fear of failure. Fear of being fired.

And we’ve studied it. Hundreds of pages of exhaustive analysis. Dialogue
with academics. Our own investigation.

We think this fear is useless.

“Find the antidote to fear” we said, “and liberate advertising in all its forms.”

That’s why we started The Fearless Group.

Think “around” fear. Do better advertising. Find out how.

Safe advertising isn't.

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