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We launch stuff... Loud and Clear.

In a world of noise, Launch Marketing ensures brands are heard Loud and Clear.

72% of marketers want better creative cut-through Launching a brand is different. Thankfully there’s a global agency that is too.

Launching any brand, old or new, is a challenging task. The traditional, business-as-usual approach often falls short. Research shows ineffective marketing communications, a lack of internal alignment, and a slow internal process often ruin even the best opportunities.

But at Five by Five, we take a more thorough approach to ensure the success of these vital projects. Our clients recognise that the business-as-usual, traditional model is not dynamic enough: it’s too narrow, too biased, too myopic.

By considering a broader view of deep consumer research all the way through a process of explorative planning and creative articulation, we ensure your new brand launch campaign will have the cut-through to be heard Loud and Clear.

For nearly 40 years, national and global brands have trusted us to deliver award-winning launch marketing campaigns including Activision with all their global digital launches for every game since 2008, a new funeral plan for SunLife and Bacardi's Tequila Patrón.


No such thing as 'typical'

We very rarely seem to be able to re-purpose work because every brief we get is different. These examples are a reflection of that.

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Great agency with fresh ideas


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