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Make A Spark

We create marketing solutions that spark meaningful and durable engagement - transforming consumers into enthusiasts and brands into advocates. From content, to digital, to innovation, we mimic the mojo of cultural phenoms and provide our clients with the functional benefits of an intellectual property.

It’s the only way to ensure ideas that SPARK new sales, advocacy, partners, channels and more. Let others be the aspirin, we want to be the vitamin.


Engagement programs that spark MORE than just shares and likes

We build marketing initiatives that deliver significant benefits by sparking the ideal behavior from constituents - purchase, frequency, advocacy, compliance, UGC, and more.

Client Reviews (9)

Great work through tremendous collaboration

Budget Range
greater than $200,000

I have been fortunate to work with some really strong agency teams in my career. I would rank the Flint & Steel team as both my favorite and the best. Their secret sauce is the strength of the account management team. Its rare to find a team that has the amount of knowledge, experience and capability that is willing to truly partner with you. Their humble approach, patience and willingness to listen allows them to consistently deliver strong work. We have used them across a wide diversity of projects from mobile applications to sales presentations and have been happy with the end product received. Looking forward to many more years with this team.

Vice President of Brand Marketing
Consumer Goods
almost 3 years ago
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