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independent creative agency dedicated to premium, luxury & lifestyle brands

forceMAJEURE is an international design house founded in New York in 1998, with homes in New York City and Paris.
forceMAJEURE specializes in brand creation, brand renovation, product design and innovation. We offer a wide range of expertise, from strategy, visual and brand identity, to product, packaging, brand content creation & brand experiences.

An international team of 30+ passionate designers, imaginative strategists, curious innovators collaborate with clients to create transformative, successful, and long lasting brand and product experiences.
Strategically sound and beautifully crafted, our designs deliver results, awareness, and market growth.

Over 20 years, we have created a portfolio of international brands in the Beauty, Fine Fragrance, Home and Personal Care, Liquors, and Food and Beverage sectors, among others. We offer a wide range of Brand Experience expertise: Innovation, Visual and Brand Identity, Product and Packaging Design, Merchandising and Retail Environments.

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