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Why we're unique

Frank Collective is a brand-led, creative agency. We have offices in Brooklyn and downtown Los Angeles.

We provide a thoughtful and dedicated approach to each client, considering each one's unique needs. Our process involves working collaboratively, clear communication, and testing each concept to get to the best result.

The type of work we do focuses first and foremost on branding. Whether that's establishing a new brand or a fresh take on an established brand. We work with companies of all sizes to determine strategy, positioning, visual and tonal brand communication through all consumer touchpoints. Creating identities, websites, apps, collateral, packaging, content and marketing that suits the unique personality of each brand.

Our sweet spot is working with emerging products and brands in both B2B and B2C. Our style is modern, clean, straight-forward with a bit of wit. But ultimately we want the tone and visual identity of our clients to be intrinsically based in the DNA of their brand.

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Small in Size Big in Brilliance


Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

Private User
Royal Braun
about 9 years ago
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