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About Us

We get campaigns out and performing in multiple media, multiple languages and multiple markets, fast.

Freedman International is a global marketing implementation agency. It’s a model that benefits both brands and agencies.

Brands benefit from:

• Increased ROI as their campaigns truly resonate with target audiences across all markets.
• Reduced time to market as we help our partners to plan for implementation from the outset, avoiding common pitfalls along the way.
• Campaign and project management skills.
• Smart, customised technology.

Creative agencies benefit from:

• Referred business – when a client approaches us with a brief that includes creative our preference is to refer them to best fit creative agencies
• The ability to focus on the creative, which is where they excel, add the most value and deliver their best returns. The stress related to producing a large volume of assets, in multiple languages and markets, in a short space of time is passed on to a specialist implementation agency.
• Access to the skillsets, networks and implementation power that a global marketing implementation agency provide.

Talented people and smart technology

We deliver these benefits through talented people and smart technology. Forward thinking and agile project managers drive the successful implementation of client briefs. More than 800 in-market linguists, based in 75 countries, skilfully translate and transcreate content into around 125 languages. And our studio produces hundreds, and sometimes thousands of assets, for client campaigns across TV, cinema, digital, online, social, mobile and print.


We collaborate with some of today’s most innovative brands and agencies, and help them to think about implementation, from the outset. We believe its A Better Way.

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