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About Us

GAMIT SEO is an online marketing agency specialized in providing integrated SEO solutions for top search engine rankings. Successful results are better if there are also long-lasting, so achieving first positions in SERPs is not the only outlook of the company, but also maintaining these for a longer period.

The company started working in the SEO industry 13 years ago and throughout this time it has updated and refined its methods to meet the requirements of the ever-changing online market. Professionalism, dedication and ongoing exploration of new techniques are the reasons why GAMIT stayed a top choice for its customers.

The core services of the company consist of relevant link building and tailored SEO. The methodology is defined by years of experience and thousands of hours of research into new methods and techniques. The success of each campaign is determined by relevancy, understanding the business of each client, their expectations and the competitivity and complexity of the market. This approach enables the team to engineer an especially custom SEO strategy for the needs of every client. When choosing GAMIT you can benefit from the finest experts in this industry, starting with the initial stages of auditing and all the way through reporting and tracking results.

GAMIT SEO delivers SEO services, link building, and digital marketing consulting assistance to businesses from all around the globe. Most of the customer base is located in the USA, Australia, and the UK but the company has an impressive track record of projects completed for Non-English websites, as well. The company was founded in 2006 by brothers Ion & Mihai Tudorache and has a great team of SEO experts and professionals dedicated and passionate about their work. GAMIT is very proud of their clients’ success so they aim to deliver the best possible ranking for each of their clients. You can contact GAMIT today for a custom SEO quote!



Our main goal is to optimize the client’s website and provide first-page Google rankings for relevant search terms and keywords.

We work in this industry since 2006. So, our vast experience and team of professionals guarantee your project's success.

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