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Entrepreneurial Minded Marketing

Geared is a nimble, fast-acting boutique marketing agency that specifically caters to the "entrepreneurial spirit" — that drive to invent, to take risks, to generate new ideas, to give 110%.
This is why Geared is perfect for launches, brand (re)positioning and new concepts. IN FACT, we're also ideal for established brands looking to rekindle that spirit by raising the creative bar.

We do four things very well:

Brand Refresh
Your company is well established, but you are looking for fresh ideas to move the brand – and sales forward.

Brand Personality Development
Your company needs to separate itself from its competitors. You need to differentiate and breakthrough all the noise.

Brand Launch
You have a new product or service that requires solid ideas for launching, or perhaps a new company that needs to be introduced to the marketplace.

Brand Support
Your brand is established but needs an experienced agency that can be trusted to continue strong marketing activities.

Client Reviews (1)

Geared Advertising brought my nonprofit to fruition


Amid the COVID pandemic, Career Sparks was imagined, a nonprofit helping disadvantaged children with career exploration via a virtual setting. Being the Executive Director of Women's March Foundation helped me navigate the extensive paperwork and business requirements needed to start a nonprofit organization but I needed help architecting the platform and overall program.

The one guy I knew could help me was Bil O'Neill from Geared Advertising, as we had worked closely together for several years when I held the position of VP of Marketing for Fatburger Corporation. Without hesitation Bil poured his passion, innovation and laser focused thoroughness into building my nonprofit. From crafting the initial concept, throwing his whole team on developing the online platform to test marketing the newly created site --Bil held my hand the whole way. He nudged me out of my comfort zone, challenged me to think bigger and supported me when I took flight. His level of care and attention to detail has always been his strong point, but what makes him special is his raw creativity. Usually you'd have to sacrifice one of these qualities for the other at ad agencies, but Bil seems to deliver both with ease.

Now a 501c3 national powerhouse, Career Sparks has grown nationally...3,000 members strong and continues to provide opportunity to those children that need it most. Hands down, our platform would not be available today if it wasn't for the perseverance and sheer will of Bil O'Neill.

Founder and President
Career Sparks
Non-Profit Organization Management
over 2 years ago
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