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About Us

We are an independent creative agency based in Los Angeles. We help brands connect with their audiences through relevant, welcomed content. We’re good partners, hands-on makers, and incurably passionate.

You will like us. We will like you. It will not be awkward.


Ghostpistols Work

Here's a small sample of some recent work. Visit our website to learn more.

Client Reviews (1)

Secret Sauce Revealed


Ghostpistols aka GhostPilots has been nothing short of amazing! I, as a client, obviously don’t know what I want, and I admittedly misbriefed the guys, but without hesitation or resentment, they were there to support my decision and work through it. Ghostpistols remained extremely collaborative, understanding, tactical, strategic, creative and enjoyable to work with. Our relationship has just begun, but I am looking forward to unlocking our true potential as creative partners.

Creative Director
Pabst Brewing Company
Food & Beverages
over 5 years ago
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